The founders of Sis Labs are old school bodybuilding veterans who have been in the business for decades.


Having come from humble beginnings and constantly ensuring they put out the best quality product they became sick and tired of counterfeiters who would copy there established brands and ruin there hard earned reputation. As they were pioneers in the AAS business they took it upon themselves to ensure they still kept quality standards as high as possible but have now set up a licensed GMP certified production facility in eastern Europe.

Having put together large investment in ensuring the best equipment and processing machinery was purchased they also created an “Anti-Counterfeit” department which is in charge of the innovative packaging ideas you see below. With the constant support of worldwide distributors and a huge fan base of there products, the founders have made sure no stone has gone unturned in ensuring only the best product is made available to the end-user.

The company’s founders have put a large emphasis on creating a team of professionals who are dedicated to moving this business forward! Every year we attend dozens of international exhibitions in order to implement the newest technologies in our manufacturing process.

In order to make sure we provide the best quality products, we have a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly working on new formulations ensuring the least amount of solvents are used to suspend the hormone into an oily solution. All raw materials are purchased from 3 different licensed API manufacturers in Asia and Europe. With extensive research on new methods of API synthesis, they also are dedicated to providing the purest APIs available in the world.

Our API manufacturers only provide us with raw materials with a quality test above 98.5%.In order to ensure this, we also use a well-known independent laboratory in Switzerland to carry out tests on our purchased raw materials and also our finished product. Please do keep checking the appropriate section of this website as the test results will be published regularly. Our finished injectable products are produced only using pharmaceutical grade excipients and undergo a very advanced method of deoxygenation, which ensures a clear sterile finished product.


With long-standing business relationships with these manufacturers, they also ensure that only the highest quality raw material is provided.